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Time to convert visitors and personalize your fans ad experience.

Place your marketing pixel ID and let the magic happen!
As digital advertising is the norm,
first-party data ownership is the new crown jewel.
Using fans data, marketing pixels and programmatic technology, we can identify what resonates with each individual and target fans with the content they are most likely to engage with.
Google Remarketing Tag
The Google Remarketing Tag helps you to more easily create remarketing lists by allowing you to place one tag across all your campaigns. Once your tag is in place, you can launch remarketing campaigns in your AdWords account with tailored, dynamic ads based on the pages people visited and actions they took on your Make The Links campaigns.
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Facebook Pixel
Just put your ID to measure, optimise and build audiences for your advertising campaigns on Facebook.

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Snap Pixel
Track ad conversions and improve audience targeting by adding your Snap pixel into your Make The Link's campaigns
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Programmatic Advertising
Regardless of your partner, fill in the pixel ID in your Make The Link campaigns so that we can send the data needed to optimize your retargeting.
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